Bindi Bindi Community 2020 Playground Project

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The Onslow Activities team saw a need within the community of Bindi for a playground to be cleaned and revamped. With limited resources, we started looking at ways to build a playground with recyclable material such as old pallets and tyres, and to our luck we found some paint as well!

We realised quickly that the project required extra help at the start, with bobcats and bins due to the magnitude of rubbish and broken glass throughout the sand. 

With that Sam the supervisor started a conversation with the local Aboriginal health officer and 5 bins were donated!

NTC donated a day with a bobcat driver and bobcat, Coats Hire also donated a day and driver with a bobcat.

We cannot forget the commitment of our activity participants who put in their time as well.

The project has been very well received within the community. This will be an ongoing project, building on the playground as we go. It currently is in early stages and there’s is still a lot of work to be done. 

With this we hope the children will enjoy their new playground. 


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