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Name: Kelly Grady

Suburb: Baynton West

Family: Triscy, Louis, Tiffany and Isabelle

Occupation: Real Employment for Aboriginal People owner

My first childhood memory is… dropping a concrete slab on my toe at the age of three while trying to be a hero helping my dad!

As a child I always wanted… to be rich and famous.

My parents always told me… to respect my elders.

I wish I had never worn… crop tops and mini skirts to night clubs.

In five words I am… exciting, fun, honest, caring and me.

If I could change one thing… it would be to allow the first Australians to be in control of their country and to have the opportunity to educate our people on culture and tradition.

If I could invite five people to dinner they would be… the Queen (to have a chat about my views), Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga and Gina Rinehart.

My pet hate is… people who tell lies.

The world would be better if… people were more caring and honest.

My worst trait is… taking on too much.

My best trait is… my loyalty.

I wish I was better at… hmm, my gym schedule.

When I want to relax I… chill on the couch and watch a DVD.

I love Sundays because… I get to catch up on the week.

Before I die I want to… go to Hollywood and sneak my way into a film as an extra, actually, no I want to take a lead roll.

My last meal would be… Greek food of course!

After life there is… everything… I’m off to heaven.

My heroes are… my Mum and Dad.

Living in the Pilbara means… having the opportunity to learn so much about the amazing Aboriginal culture while having the best weather at the same time.

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Originally Published: 12th September 2012

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