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The Lead the Way activity centre is benefitting from the creative talents of its participants, with several bright and colourful paintings now on display.

Around 15 ladies attend the Community Development Program’s Lead the Way activity, where they have the opportunity to learn various hands-on, creative skills. All painting and art supplies are provided by REFAP, and the participants enjoy working on their pieces and learning from each other.

Activity Supervisor, Sarai Cedar, is amazed by the ladies’ beautiful paintings, and their natural, hidden talents.

“These ladies have never been to art school; their knowledge and skills have been passed down from their Elders,” she said.

“I studied art at TAFE, and I am constantly learning from them,” she said. “They understand how to choose colours to reflect the land, and they tell stories of their lives and themselves in their paintings.”

Sarai is encouraging the ladies to consider the commercial opportunities for their paintings.

“The ladies in the Lead the Way activity are very talented and skilful,” she said. “I tell them that they don’t need to have formal qualifications in order to sell their paintings, and some of them are excited by that.”

One of the artists, Natasha Todd, only took up painting recently, and said she feels proud to see her work on display at the activity centre.

“I paint mostly bush animals, and I really enjoy seeing the paintings come together,” she said. “Hopefully I will be able to sell some of my work in the future.”

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