REFAP Makes Child’s Play out of Clean-up

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Children, parents and staff of the Gumala 3A Indigenous Playgroup in Karratha are benefitting from the ongoing work of REFAP’s job seekers.

REFAP’s Community Pride and Manual Arts activity participants have been busy improving the playgroup’s outdoor areas – mowing the lawn, removing dead trees, raking, clearing litter along the boundary, and turning over garden beds.

Shaun Brown, REFAP’s Operations Manager, said the work at Gumala was another great example of REFAP participants working in the community and providing assistance where it is needed.

The Coordinator of Gumala’s Indigenous Playgroup, Suzie Powell, is thankful for REFAP’s continuing support.

“REFAP has helped ensure that our outdoor learning area is safe, clean and inviting for children and parents,” Suzie said. “I am looking forward to continuing our relationship with REFAP. We hope to work together to achieve some major improvements to our outdoor environment this year, including a nature-play area and a yarning circle.”

Language is a key focus of Gumala’s highly respected Abecedarian Approach Australia (3A) program. The program uses learning games, conversational reading and enriched care-giving to advance a child’s development by focussing on parent/child interaction.

The playgroup is a partnership between Gumala Aboriginal Corporation and the Department of Education, represented by Baynton West Primary School. Located in Hedland Place, it is open to all Indigenous families with 0-4 year olds, and runs from 9:00am-11:30am, Monday to Friday during school terms.

REFAP is committed to continuing to improve and refurbish the playgroup’s outdoor areas for the enjoyment of new and existing families.

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